How To Have Sex During Pregnancy

Many expectant parents are concerned about the dangers of having sex during pregnancy. Some men fear that they may hurt their wives or babies by laying on them or by accidentally placing too much internal pressure on the womb. Rest assured, pregnant women have been having sex for thousands of years.
There are a few occasions when sex may not be advisable, but generally, sex during pregnancy has more benefits than risks. That’s right, it’s a good thing.

Early Pregnancy
In early pregnancy, women burn more calories per hour than a mountain climber. Building a placenta is exhausting and can cause a low libido. For some women, especially those who have been stressed about conception, the idea that their body is capable of carrying life is empowering and can cause an increased sex drive. Additionally, not being concerned with preventing pregnancy can be a relief, even if the pregnancy wasn’t planned. There’s usually no reason not to have sex in early pregnancy.
Increased Blood Flow
In early pregnancy, blood flow to the groin is increased, and can result in ultra sensitivity. For many women, this can mean increased orgasms, which can strengthen the walls of the uterus. The uterus is literally a bag made of muscles and the contractions that cause orgasm are beneficial, increasing blood flow and strengthening the pelvic floor. Sex during pregnancy is usually beneficial to the woman’s body.

Low-Lying Placenta
For women whose placenta has grown closer to the mouth of the cervix, doctors may recommend avoiding sex after 20 to 24 weeks. Doctors generally diagnose a low-lying placenta with ultrasound, and midwives with stethoscope or doppler. When the placenta is low, there’s a risk that it can begin to detach as the cervix thins and opens during labor. Checking for the position of the placenta is a standard part of prenatal examinations and not likely to be a surprise.
History of Preemies
Toward the end of pregnancy, the prostaglandins in semen can ripen the cervix and the contractions of an orgasm can be too much for a sensitive cervix to handle. Women who are prone to premature deliveries are generally advised to avoid sex toward the end of pregnancy. Conversely, women who do not have a history of preemies may be encouraged to have more sex toward the end of pregnancy, because the hormones in semen are beneficial to the cervix and orgasms can keep the uterus muscles toned.

Cultural Views
In some cultures, a woman who is pregnant is not expected to have sex, and is “spared the duty” until well after she has recovered from childbirth. Sometimes, these are the same cultures that allow a man to have multiple wives, or sexual partners. Some believe that the women are unclean or otherwise not pure during this time, according to “Is man Naturally Polygamous?” and article on All Other cultures believe that women in the throes of regeneration are sacred and revered. These are generally spiritual views, and not backed up by medical science. Couples from different cultural backgrounds should discuss their views before conception to ensure that a healthy relationship can continue without causing undue stress. Penyubur Kandungan

Bleeding After Sex
Because of increased blood flow to the cervix, the physical pressure that’s placed on the cervix during sex can cause teeny blood vessels to break. This is generally not painful but can result in a bit of blood being passed after sex. While it may be alarming, it’s generally not cause for concern. This is most common past the mid-point in pregnancy when the cervix lies low in the vaginal canal. Unless it’s more than just a small bit of blood (a tablespoon or more) or accompanied by mucous or severe cramping, there’s probably no reason to be alarmed. When in doubt, a quick examination can be reassuring.

Pregnant women are generally advised to avoid lying on their backs after 16 weeks of pregnancy. The risk is associated with crushing a major vein that feeds the uterus. Many women are relieved to know that this vein won’t be crushed simply from having sex. When this vein is crushed, the woman’s legs will go to sleep, causing a painful pins and needles sensation that inspires her to change position. A few minutes on her back isn’t going to do any damage. If she’s uncomfortable or concerned, then it’s best to experiment with other positions that don’t put as much pressure on her back.