How To Keep Up Your Beauty During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a fragile time when a woman’s body needs special care. Though pregnant woman are not normally advised to receive spa and beauty treatments during pregnancy, there are several feel-good treatments you can indulge in that will not harm you or your baby.

A massage is perhaps the most relaxing beauty treatment of all, but it is even better during pregnancy. Certain positions become naturally uncomfortable the bigger the belly gets and the more pressure the baby puts on the back and internal organs. Many massage salons have special tables made to accommodate a growing belly, as well as specific massages that are good for your aching muscles.

It is best to lie on your side in your second and third trimester to take pressure off your back. The masseuse will perform the massage using careful touch. Make him or her aware of any sensitive areas you may have so as not exacerbate joint pain or possibly cause a contraction.

Oils like chamomile and jasmine are safe to use during your prenatal massage because they are light scented and do not trigger allergies for most women. 

Skin Treatments
During pregnancy, your skin can either become very clean and clear or pigmented and broken out with acne. Facials are a good way to keep your skin and natural oils balanced so that you do not have to deal with the stress or discomfort of bad skin. Most spas offer appropriately designed prenatal facial and spa packages.

To avoid the expense of going to a spa, you may opt to make a homemade scrub by mixing together 1 1/2 cups brown sugar, 1/4 cup each of liquid soap and jojoba oil, and 1 tablespoon of honey. The brown sugar is the exfoliate while jojoba, soap and honey help keep the skin soft, smooth and hydrated. Mix all ingredients together and get into the bathtub. Apply the scrub from your feet to your chest, but not your face (it’s too sensitive). Once you are covered, draw yourself a warm bath and gently wipe off the scrub into the water. Not only is this treatment good for your skin, it will lessen the severity of the stretch marks that begin to appear due to your growing belly. For a healing effect, melt some shea butter into the scrub mixture.

Manicure and Pedicure

Fumes from nail polish chemicals have not been proven to harm an unborn child, but if you are concerned, wear a surgical mask over your mouth. You can find them in drugstores. A lot of women appreciate pedicures when pregnant because the feet and legs become swollen six months into pregnancy, and having someone pamper your toes and massage your calves is a welcome luxury.